Common Mistakes when Relocating Your Offices

Relocating your office is a big deal that demands planning, attention to detail and the help of superior Toronto movers. However, the same mistakes are seen time and time again, due to simply not taking the time to get everything in order for the move. If you want to avoid the headache, stress and frustration that can go along with an office move, be sure to avoid the mistakes highlighted here.

Mistake: Not Planning in Advance

Moving your office is a complex project that has a number of different moving parts. It takes a good deal of advanced planning in order to coordinate all the deadlines, find the appropriate new space, handle the legalities of the new office lease and find quality commercial movers for assistance with the process.

Mistake: Ignoring or Forgetting the Legalities

If you simply sign a lease for a new office space without first having it looked at for legal issues, this can lead to dire consequences down the road. It is highly recommended that you have your new lease reviewed by a legal professional prior to signing.

Mistake: Ineffective IT Relocation

Some of the most vital portions of your business include the phones, computers and other IT equipment. If you do not have these, the entire running of your business can significantly suffer. If you do not carefully plan out your IT relocation thoroughly, then it may result in the computers and phones not working properly when you get into your new office.

Mistake: Hiring a “Cheap” Commercial Mover

Hiring a cheap, or “bargain” mover needs to be avoided. There are a number of failed office moves that are the direct result of a cheap office mover. You need to resist the temptation of this low price tag because this is a situation where you will definitely get what you pay for. When you take time to select a quality and reputable commercial will pay off in the end. You can feel confident that you can avoid long periods of business disruption.

Professionals will offer a number of quality services to ensure that your office move is as seamless and stress-free as possible. They will plan, organize and execute the move quickly and efficiently providing safe, skilled and trained movers that will minimize the amount of downtime your business experiences. Paying professionals for this type of work will be more than worth it in the long run. Finding the right moving company will require a bit of research but it will be well worth it.


How to Prepare for an Office Move

When you have an office move in your near future, you need to find a moving company that you can trust for a complete and quality experience. No matter how far you need to transport your office, you need commercial movers you can trust to execute the move with professionalism and efficiency.

When you call on a commercial moving professional, the first step they should make is to come to your office site to evaluate the amount of manpower and equipment that the move requires. This will let your moving company know how involved the moving process is going to be, allowing them to design a plan for your specific location.

While the commercial moving services that you hire will take care of the work, there are a few things that you, and your staff, can do to prepare for their arrival.

Two Weeks before the Move:

It is a good idea to obtain two sets of floor plans of the office location, one for the old space and one for the new space, so that your mover will be able to create a logistics plan for the day. This will help the movers know what furniture and equipment needs to be moved and where it should be placed in the new office location.

One Week before the Move:

One week prior to your office move, be sure to discard any unwanted or unneeded items so that the movers will not have to do unnecessary work. This will also expedite the actual moving process. If there are any pieces of furniture or equipment that will not be moved, these should be clearly labeled ahead of time.

A Few Days before the Move:

Set up your new office location by marking it with placards and signs letting movers know where specific equipment and furniture needs to go. This will help you avoid having to move everything around after the commercial movers leave.

On Moving Day:

When you hire a professional commercial moving company they will take all the necessary precaution to be sure that nothing is damaged during the moving process. This includes all furniture and equipment that is being moved, as well as walls, floors and door frames in both the old and new office location.

When you hire the professional moving services in Toronto they will ensure that you experience the smallest amount of downtime possible during your move. By using the tips highlighted here, you can ensure that your move is seamless and the commercial movers that move you can complete the work in a timely and professional manner.

5 Tips to Help You Organize and Pack Your Home for Moving

Have you purchased a new home recently and are ready to move? If so, you will quickly discover that the actual process of moving is not nearly as appealing as the idea of it. The solution is to use a few of the tips highlighted here to make your move as stress free and seamless as possible. If you need more help, then movers in Toronto may also be of use.

Pack One Room at a Time

You should focus on one area of a room at a time and don’t mix various items from more than one room into a box. This will help you prevent miniature items from being thrown away mistakenly or lost during the packing and moving process. You can also use brightly colored packing paper to make sure nothing is forgotten about.

Label Everything Clearly

When you are moving from one home to another, things can get misplaced, this is simply a fact. However, if you take the time to label your boxes carefully, you will discover that it will be easy to get everything sorted out upon arrival. If you are still unsure of where you are going to move, then you may want to work with moving pros. They can provide insightful information to help you get ready for a move and help you find a new home.

Hire Professional Help

If you simply don’t want to handle the move on your own, then consider using the services of a smaller moving service. These services can handle the entire move, or just provide logistical advice on what to do. Both of these can be quite helpful for a move.

If you Haven’t Used something in Years, Chances are You Don’t Really Need It

If you have items in your garage, closets or anywhere else that have not been used, touched or moved in years, then chances are you don’t really need these items. Have a garage sale or just donate the items to charity prior to the move. This will reduce the stress and hassle associated with the move, making it easier on everyone involved.

Don’t Box Up Everything You Own

There are likely some items you own that are to large or bulky to pack in a box, while other items are too valuable. If you have expensive family heirlooms, legal documents, important papers, jewelry or anything else with actual or intrinsic value, then it is a good idea to transport these yourself. Don’t pack them away in boxes and take the chance of them becoming lost or damaged.

Moving does not have to be difficult or challenging. Using the tips here, and taking the time to contact the professionals will help you with every step of the process.

How to Find Reliable Movers in Toronto

You have a new house and starting the moving process. First step, finding reliable movers in Toronto. This may seem like a daunting task, but when it comes to all your personal belongings, it is well worth the work.

Ask for Recommendations

Majority of people have experience with moving at least once in their lifetime. Ask family, friends, and co-workers what movers in Toronto they have used in the past. Local real estate agents have knowledge of moving companies, and would be happy to answer your questions. Would they recommend these companies or is there a one they would not recommend? Knowing both of these can be invaluable information.

Call Moving Companies for Estimates

Many movers in Toronto have websites listings what services they offer and contact information. Choose at least four recommended companies to consider, ensuring each one offers services you need. Next, call each one to get an estimate. Many companies offer free estimates with no obligation. Some movers will pack and unpack your belongings, along with disassembling and assembling furniture. When receiving your estimate, specify all services you will be needing. Be sure you understand the estimate.

Researching Movers in Toronto

Prior to employing one of these moving companies, you should carefully research it. Doing this part can save you thousands of dollars if the company you hire ends up being scammers. With technology today, finding reliable movers in Toronto is easier than it seems. There are several online review websites available where you can search these possible moving companies.

Better Business Bureau

One place to check is with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This can easily be done online. Through here, you are able to find out if any of the companies you are considering have any reports generated. Usually, information received contains whether there have been any grievances filed and if they were successfully resolved. Keep in mind, it is extremely rare to find a company that has never had an unhappy customer. Important factor is finding out if there were complaints made and if end result satisfied the customer. Carefully read the report, and if considering hiring a company who had a grievance filed, speak to them about the case and how they resolved it. Depending on how severe the complaint was, you may want to consider not using this company.

Hire Trusted Professionals

Moving can be stressful, and not knowing who you are trusting your belongings to only adds to it. This is one reason why it is important finding reliable movers in Toronto. Remove some of that stress by doing your homework, and hire professionals you can trust.

Important Moving Tips to Help in Your Relocation

Normally, moving is something most people do not look forward to. There is lots of hard work and preparation involved, making this a stressful process. This is true, whether moving long distance or short. Knowing how to make your relocation easier is a way of reducing stress during this time. One way, employing moving service in Toronto, which are able to do everything from packing to moving your belongings.

Preparing for Relocation

Prior to moving, there is much to be done. Some of this includes:

  • Put change of address in at post office or can be done online.
  • Contact utility company about changing them over. This should be done as far in advance as possible.
  • Inform your employment, schools, and other places of importance of new address.
  • Acquire packing supplies. Moving companies have supplies available for purchase.


When utilising professional moving services in Toronto, your items will be packed right. Cardboard boxes used for packing are sturdy, ensuring all your belongings remain safe. If packing yourself, it is recommended to use boxes from a moving service because supermarket boxes are not sturdy enough.

  • Put essentials, such as toiletries and clothing in a suitcase. Use this to live out of until after your move.
  • Try to pack by room if possible.
  • When packing items, be sure to use bubble wrap, sheets, pillows, towels, and blankets to separate pictures and protect fragile objects during transit.
  • When packing fragile plates, rather than laying them flat, stack them vertically.
  • Heavier items need to be packed in smaller boxes.
  • Use miscellaneous items (ones belonging to no particular room), for fillers with boxes. Place them into plastic bags marking what is in it.
  • Set some bed sheets and a few pillows in their own box so they are ready once you move in. Also pack a flashlight, and simple tools in this box. Be sure to label the box with “Open First” in large letters.

After packing each box, label them accordingly. Most common way is by black marker with room names on boxes. Be sure to label “fragile” on each box with breakable contents. Some people find placing the weight (heavy, medium, and light) on each box to be helpful.

Moving Day

If employed moving services in Toronto, inform them which boxes you packed, making sure each box is labelled. Request box labelled “Open First” be loaded last, making sure they are available when arriving at your new home.

  • Confirm all your contact information with movers, while obtaining theirs again as well.
  • Review all paperwork carefully, asking any questions if anything looks incorrect.
  • Be sure to maintain a copy for yourself.
  • Pack suitcase loaded with essentials in your private vehicle.

Following these tips, and employing professional moving services in Toronto will make your move manageable and stress free.

Six Great Tips For Finding A Professional Moving Company

If this is your first time hiring a moving company, you may have many questions. Where do you look for professional movers? Who can be trusted with all your personal belongings? With so much at stake, you do not just want to hand your belongings over to the first moving company in Google search results. Even if you hired movers in the past, you may not be sure if prices and services
received were the best. Just as it is in every other industry, moving companies have a broad range in choice and quality of services offered.

Here are six great tips to find a professional moving company in Toronto:

1. Examine Credentials

How long have they been in business? Find out if they are licensed, and if they have a physical address. Make sure they are insured with coverage for your breakables and their movers. You can be liable for accidents on your property if the movers are not insured by the moving company in Toronto.

2. Check Better Business Bureau

Check moving companies with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You can do this through their website or contact them by phone. They will provide information about any grievances made against these companies, and if/how they were resolved. Was the customer satisfied with the end result?

3. Compare Choice of Services

First, find out if they offer the type of moving services you need. For example, you may need long distance movers depending on how far the planned move is. Many moving companies provide packing service, will you need this? Having a moving company in Toronto pack your fragile items can be worth the extra money.

4. Learn About Their Billing

Find out how they charge you: by truckload, by the hour? Do they charge more for large items? Is travel time billed, or costs of fuel? Are there any hidden fees? You want information on exact way they bill making it easier to compare between other moving companies. Be sure to ask if some days cost more than other. Some companies charge more on days that have higher demand.

5. Receive Three Onsite Estimates

After narrowing your choices down to three, it is time to receive estimates. To make a more accurate estimate, they may need to come to your home for an assessment. Be sure to supply them with details about your belongings. Discuss whether you plan on using them for packing and unpacking or if you are doing this yourself.

6. Get Everything in Writing

Be sure the moving company in Toronto provides you with everything in writing, including all important information and estimates. At this time, ask questions about anything you may not understand. Be sure you know what each written estimate includes.

By following these tips, a professional moving company in Toronto should be easier to find, one that provides you with the type of service you deserve.